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There are a number of options if you think that your pool is starting to feel a bit tired. Before you consider filling it with dirt and turning it into a vegetable garden, we’ve got a few ideas that could easily give your pool a much-needed upgrade.

Before we start changing the pool itself, what if we just changed the pool’s surroundings? These changes are easy to customize and can be added to almost any pool. Think of it as a new haircut for your pool.

Remodel your Pool Patio - You can pick tiles with almost any shape, color, or pattern, so it’s easy to express your personal style around the edge of the pool. Most pools are surrounded by concrete or pavers , so while there will be a bit of demo involved, it’s nowhere near the amount of construction that would be required if you modified the pool itself. All pavers are weather-resistant so the maintenance will be minimal.

Landscape - Plants can add a bit of height and a lush sense of life to your space. You can use pots or we can build larger, multi-level features from stone or concrete. Once you’ve got the container in place, the real trick is playing with height and color. Tropical Hibiscus with sweet potato vine, for example, give you a cost-effective mix of color and dimension that keeps your poolside from feeling too flat and concrete. While this option does require a bit of regular attention, it’s something you can change every season as your green-thumbed whims come and go.

Fire - We love a good fire pit. Maybe we’re all cavemen at heart and we can’t help but gather around a crackling fire. Use the contrast of water and flames to create a bit of drama by putting a fire feature right next to the pool. You can surround it with stone, glass, or concrete to match your environment or to provide a new aesthetic feel to the space.

But what if you want to actually change the pool itself? It’s not that uncommon, and while it can be a bit of an undertaking, it’s still less work than a complete replacement.

Time to get in shape - Changing the shape of the pool can drastically alter its personality.  You could extend one end to create a longer swimming lane, changing it into something a bit more athletic. By extending one side, you could also turn a straight pool into something a bit more L-shaped for a more casual feel with plenty of splashing space. 

Think outside the filter box - What if you were able to change the way that your pool was used? If you gave it a new function, it could open up a whole new list of aquatic options. A heat pump could let you enjoy your pool earlier in the spring and well into the fall. If a bit of a warm soak sounds nice, what if you dropped in a hot tub right next to the pool? Most of the equipment you need is already located nearby, and a hot-tub is a great gathering place for friends and family.

The most important thing you can do is to let go of what you think is possible, and start dreaming about what could be. Then give us a call, and let’s dream up some possibilities together!


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