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It’s easy to imagine the ways that you can enjoy a pool in your backyard, but some people are afraid to take the plunge because of what they perceive as a summer-long parade of equipment and workmen in their backyard. We thought we’d demystify the process a little so you know what to expect when we install a custom pool.

The planning (& waiting) phase

The planning stage is definitely exciting. You’ll sit down with our designers and we’ll brainstorm about what works best for your needs and your space. We’ll work with drawings and mark out your backyard so you can see exactly what’s going to happen. Once we’ve settled on a design, we begin the process of securing permits from the city and, if necessary, your homeowner’s association. This part of the process can involve a lot of waiting, and once it’s started you might feel like progress is stalled, but we can assure you, it’s all moving forward.


Now things are starting to happen. We’ve got all the paperwork done, and we’ll begin to move in excavators to dig the hole that will become your pool. It might seem a bit messy and chaotic, but you’ve got the best people on the job. Once it’s all scooped out and the dirt has been hauled off, things will start to take shape.

Building the shell

We’ll create a rebar frame in the shape of your pool that will add structure and support the concrete that makes up the shell. There might be more wood and steel than you’d expect, but this step is crucial to create a piece that’s durable and ready for all the love and attention that you have in mind. When the shell is in place and the concrete is dry and smooth, you’ll really start to see your design taking shape.

Plumbing and electrical

Now we’re into the more technical phase of the project. All the necessary plumbing and electrical lines need to be put down to handle the pumps, filters, and heaters that make a pool more than just a cement pond. There’s going to be more digging and activity, and you won’t see much happening inside the pool itself at this point. Once this phase is over, you’ll see more of the aesthetic elements of your pool come together.

Adding the finish, getting ready for water!

The final phases aren’t hard for us, but sometimes they’re hard for the homeowner who can’t wait to start splashing around. We’ll add tile, paint, and finishing elements to the interior and surroundings of the pool. This is where our new pool-owners begin to get antsy, because after all that work, it’s finally becoming a reality. It will feel like we’re on the home stretch, and they can practically smell the sunscreen. We love a good swim on a hot day too, so we’ll be put in the hours to get it finished on schedule.

The very end of the process is where we’ll tackle any landscaping or decorative elements around the pool. Those final touches help give your design a full, thoughtful appearance that really makes this new space into a cohesive part of your home. And we’ll add some water, too.

Expecting the unexpected

We like to focus on the positives, but there are a few things that can commonly delay a pool project. Permits and homeowner’s associations can sometimes take more time than you’d expect, but the biggest variable in pool construction is the weather. Because of the large equipment required at certain points in the process, a heavy rainstorm can soften the ground and increase the chance that one of our machines could get stuck. Fear not, however, because the job always gets done, and we’re ready to put in the extra hours if that’s what it takes to get back on schedule.

We hope that gives you an idea of what to expect! Don’t be afraid to jump right in and give us a call to discuss your aquatic dreams with one of our professional pool designers.

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