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The pool professionals at Red Valley Landscape want to share some small ways to save money on your new pool, while not sacrificing quality.

Physical Dimensions

Possibly the most obvious way to save on your new pool is to keep the physical size to a minimum. Of course, you want it to be big enough for all your favorite people to swim and play in, but sacrificing a little bit of length, width and even depth can make a big difference on that price tag without taking too much away from your overall vision. Keeping the shape to a classic circle, square or rectangle also helps the price by making installation easier.


The materials you use to build your pool and its surrounding deck are another simple way to keep your construction costs low. The three most common materials used to build a pool are vinyl liner, concrete and fiberglass. The vinyl liner is the cheapest to start out with, but requires a lot of maintenance and repairs over the years, so your “all in” price might end up being just as high, or higher, than the other materials. Concrete is more expensive than the vinyl lining, but gives you a lot of freedom and creativity with the design of your pool. However, it also requires a good amount of care, potentially hiking up that overall price once again. The most expensive material is fiberglass, but it requires little to no maintenance or repairs, saving you money in the long run. Adding special tiles and design touches to your pool can also bring up the price, so looking into cheaper, yet beautiful and practical options is another way to save on materials. The materials used to build the deck surrounding your pool is also important, not just for price and looks, but for safety. You want to choose a material that won’t break the bank, but also one that also won’t break any backs when it’s wet.

Special Features

We know that diving boards, fountains, grottos and slides sound fun and look amazing, but if you’re looking to keep your price as low as possible, simple is the way to go. These special features not only cost money to create and install, but they also require a lot of upkeep. Adding items to the weekly or monthly cleaning and maintenance list is not going to do anything for your bill at the end of the day. Think carefully about which of these special features are most important to you, and which are going to be the easiest to install and care for.


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