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Backyard pools can be equal parts fun and intimidating. People will tell you their pool-maintenance horror stories before you ever start to dig the hole, but it’s not nearly as difficult as you might think.

It goes without saying that an experienced pool company can provide the attention and expertise that will keep your pool crystal clear and ready to enjoy all season long. There are those times, however, when you need to take matters into your own hands. We’ve got a few tips that can make you look like a seasoned, pool-tending pro.

Skimming isn’t just for books

A little bit of daily prevention is the best way to keep your pool clear and inviting. If you make a habit of spending a few minutes scooping out leaves and debris each day, you’ll go a long way towards keeping it from getting out of hand. Get that big net-on-a-pole contraption out of the garage, put on a podcast, and you’ll be done in no time. This is a great way to extend the life of your filtration system as well.

Tennis, anyone?

When swimmers get out of the pool, they leave behind more than just some wet towels. Oils from skin, suntan lotion, and hair products can float on the surface of your pool. Over time, these oils can add a murky look to the water while they help grime collect on the sides. Just toss a few tennis balls in the pool and they’ll absorb the oil inside their fuzzy, yellow covers. If you don’t like the look of tennis balls floating in the pool, you can also just put them inside your skimmer basket.

All it takes is an arm and a hammer

You already have a box of baking soda adding freshness to your fridge, but did you know that same baking soda can be used in your pool? Pool chemicals can be costly, but a pound of baking soda has the same amount of sodium bicarbonate as a pound of commercial chemicals. This active ingredient is an easy way to control the alkalinity of your pool without drastically changing the pH. Now we recommend actual pool chemicals for best results, but in a pinch, baking soda can help you keep your pool’s chemistry in line.

A bit of junk cleaning

You clean out the lint trap each time you use the drier, and cleaning your pool’s filter basket is just as easy. If you can clean it once a week, the entire system will be more effective at collecting the floating stuff in your pool. If you’re down for a slightly more technical challenge, get your pool techs to show you how to empty the lint pot on the pool pump. The process only has a few steps, but it’s a great way to assist the filtration process and extend the useful life of your pump.

Sometimes it’s not about the pool at all

There’s a whole chemistry textbook’s worth of information that you need to maintain a pool, but maybe the pool isn’t what needs a pick-me-up. If you have a power-washer, give the deck around your pool a good cleaning once or twice a year. Removing dirt and gunk can add a fresh, newly poured look to the concrete, but it also means that you aren’t tracking that junk into the pool each time you dive in.

This might sound like a lot of new skills to learn, but with Red Valley Landscaping in your corner, you’ll always make the right move. We are ready to build a new pool or modify your existing one to create a space that’s more in line with your lifestyle. Let one of our trained professionals come out and let’s talk about the outdoor space that you’ve been longing for.

Don’t have a pool but want one? We can help!

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