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Both pergolas and pavilions are open, freestanding outdoor structures that add dimension, design, and practicality to your outdoor space.

Pergolas have an open roof, leaving exposed beams overhead and making for a visually interesting design. These structures add eye-catching architecture to your space and are able to somewhat protect you from excess sun and heat, but since there are empty spaces between the beams, you’re still prone to some sunburn or rainfall. Pergolas also allow for a wide array of design opportunities. From weaving vines or lighting through the beams, to adding shade canopies underneath, the pergola can take on any design that suits your style.

A pavilion, on the other hand, has a full roof and is able to completely protect those under it from sunshine and rain (except maybe in the midst of the windy rain storms we get here in Oklahoma). Pavilions provide a slightly more indoor feeling, while still allowing you to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the outdoors. However, they are usually designed with high vaulted ceilings, making the space feel bigger and more open. Pavilions are a great option if you want to have outdoor furniture or an outdoor kitchen. Since it is mostly protected from the sun and rain, the appliances and furniture won’t get weathered by the elements. Plus, that means you can still cook and eat outside if it’s raining.

Both pergolas and pavilions are beautiful and aesthetically appealing additions to any outdoor space. Call our Red Valley Landscape professionals for a consultation on which structure would best fit in with your outdoor space vision.

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