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Every day is Arbor Day. Your landscaping is on point and your home-made barbecue sauce is the stuff of legend, but do you ever look out of your back door and you feel like something’s missing?

Maybe you need an arbor, pavilion, or pergola to add a defined focal point to your backyard space. These structures can take a number of different forms, so they’re easy to customize and coordinate with the existing style of your home. Stone, wood, even metal can be used to construct a breezy outdoor spot that’s perfect for relaxing, entertaining, or spending a few quiet moments catching your breath.

You’ve got the space and you’re ready to make a change, but which structure is right for you? Let’s take a look at some options and see if you can get a feel for the kind of outdoor environment you’d like to create.

Choosing your materials

As far as materials go, you’ve got options aplenty. Wood has a timeless charm, and if you go with cedar or redwood you get the strength of hardwood lumber that’s resistant to decay and insects while offering deep colors and a surface that accepts most finishes. If you choose to go with stone, you may incur a bit more expense but you’ll have a structure that’s tough enough to handle anything that Mother Nature can throw your way. For a more modern look, you can add metal elements that range from simple exposed hardware to larger beams, trusses, or poles that can lend an industrial-inspired feel.

What shape is right for you?

Pergola comes from the Latin word pergula, meaning “a protecting cave,” but when we put together a pergola we prefer the classic, open-style roof to something more cave-like. The top can be constructed with wide spacing on the slats for a more open feel, or you can place them closer together to create a frame for wisteria, ivy, or other creeping plants. It may take a few years, but a pergola draped in flowering greenery is a stunning spot in any yard and a luxurious locale for some high-quality down-time.

If you’d like something that offers a bit more protection from the elements, a solid-roof structure can help create an outdoor oasis that’s ready in any weather. Simple pitched-roof structures are an option, but you can also go all out and design a pavilion with a vaulted ceiling and interior lighting.

Don’t forget to look down

These towering structures may be the first thing to catch your eye, but it’s what’s under your feet that will really define the space. Poured concrete may offer the quickest and most cost-effective surface, but pavers, flagstone, or even tiles can set a commanding tone once you walk out of your back door.  Over time concrete might crack or shift, but when you’re using a material with an organically shaped and colored surface, it’s a bit more forgiving when it comes to showing wear and tear over time.

Red Valley Landscaping is able to put more than just a roof over your head. We can add electrical, gas, and water lines to accommodate fountains, fire pits, grills, outdoor kitchens, and any AV components you’d like to enjoy al fresco.

We never make you wait more than 24 hours for a design consultation, so you can place a call to Red Valley Landscaping right now and we’ll be drawing up your pergola, arbor, or pavilion tomorrow. Our team of experienced engineers and craftsman can make your dreams a reality, right in your own back yard.

Don’t have an arbor but think one would look good in your yard? Let us help!

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