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So, you’ve decided to renovate your outdoor living space. You’re as excited as can be and are ready to get started right away. We love the enthusiasm, but you may need to hold your horses for a bit. There are a couple logistical things you need to sift through before being able to really get started.

First things first, you need a plan. When you start a project with Red Valley Landscape & Construction, we provide you with both a Consultant and Project Manager. To begin the project, these two will meet with you at your property to review the layout and initial set of construction plans, in order to create a final master plan. This master plan is the blueprint and bible for your project, including all the specifics, from materials to structures to plants.

Next comes the tedious but important process of procuring permits and approvals for your plans. You can choose to do this work on your own, or to enlist help from the Red Valley professionals. Depending on the scope of work, you may or may not need permits to renovate your outdoor space. If you are creating big structures such as pavilions, pergolas, decks, or pools, you will likely have to obtain a permit from your city or town in order to begin that construction. If you’re just putting in a small patio or fire pit, a permit may not be necessary. The paperwork and communication with the city that is required to obtain permits can vary place to place and project to project, but it is typically tedious and time consuming. Red Valley can assist in this permit-obtaining-process to take some of the stress off your plate.

The part in this process that you will likely have to tackle is gaining the approval of your Homeowners Association (HOA), if you are a part of one. Every HOA has different rules and regulations, and different levels at which they enforce those rules and regulations. For example, you may live in a neighborhood that recently implemented a No-Fence regulation, but your house already has a fence that you want to renovate. Typically, if your house had a fence at the time the rule was created, you will not be forced to take it down. However, they may not allow you to do any updates on it. It is essential to abide by the rules of your HOA if you want to avoid fees or even lawsuits. It may seem like a pain to navigate through all those regulations, but remember, it’s the HOA that keeps your neighborhood looking pretty and not allowing any hot pink and lime green striped exteriors.

Once your plans are ready and approved and your permits have all been secured, you are ready to get started on construction. Contact the landscape and construction professionals at Red Valley to get started on your outdoor renovation project.

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