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There was a time when a few hedges and a giant sculpture were all you needed to dress up the exterior of your corporate space. We’re grateful that those times are behind us, because today we’ve got a full palette of options to add a positive energy to the exterior of your workspace while enhancing the energy inside the office as well.

You don’t need an explanation of curb appeal, but consider the fact that you and your staff are going to be spending almost one-fourth of your week at the office. You could work in a grey cubicle under fluorescent light, but how long would you want to? A rich environment is one that’s easier to exist in, and when your employees are comfortable at work, they’ll be more likely to stay. Think about creating an outdoor oasis that can soothe the nerves and offer a bit of calm during the hectic workday.

Where to start?

Office hours, like daylight, generally occur during the day, so we think you might enjoy adding shade more than adding a fire pit. An arbor, pergola, or giant sun-shade would help create the basic feel and shape of the space. From, there, it’s not much different than outfitting your porch or patio at home. Plenty of comfy seating, vegetation, and possibly a water feature would give you a space that adds a bit of comfort to your corporate space. You may also want to give yourself the option to do some entertaining, so it wouldn’t hurt to consider gas, water, and electrical connections as well.

Every business loves a cost-benefit analysis

Having a positive environment is more essential today than ever before, and providing a lush space to take your lunch or just break up the afternoon is an easy and effective way to give that to your staff. For the folks on the inside of the office, having a place to relax away from their desk (or more importantly, their computers) is an easy way to help establish a bit of balance to the workspace. 

For your customers, a well-maintained outdoor space tells them an essential story about a business that’s thoughtfully run. It communicates an understanding of a long-term strategy that values investments in people and culture. It’s also a nice place to have an informal meeting with clients.

It also goes without saying that improvements to the property can have a healthy effect on your company’s bottom line, especially if you own your own building.

We have loads of experience creating spaces of this type, and we’d love the chance to bring one to your facility. Give us a call and we can come out and imagine a new type of workspace together. 


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