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Spring is upon us! Spring is truly nature’s time to shine - trees are blooming, plants are flowering, and grasses are growing. Spring is a perfect time to change up your landscaping from those hardy winter plants to more colorful and lush warm weather plants.

Landscape gardens are never static. They are dynamic and continue to change with age and the seasons. Different types of plants provide various textures and colors to your landscape, but they also may bloom and thrive during different times of the year. It is important to keep this in mind to fine tune your landscaping by rotating plants in and out when needed.

Annuals and perennials are a fun and easy way to add color and splendor to your landscape. From spring to fall, annuals and perennials provide an infinite variety of flowers as they show off their ever-changing forms throughout their long growing season.

Below are some ideas of unique and beautiful plants to add to your landscape this spring.


This popular flowering vine is known and loved for its long clusters of fragrant, violet-blue flowers that can be suspended along branches, arbors or pergolas. They bloom in the spring, and are fast growers, creating a beautiful cascade of purple.


This classic spring flowering bulb blooms in a wide range of colors and shapes, transporting you to the tulip fields of the Netherlands, right in your backyard.


A spring flowering bulb with trumpet-shaped flowers. Daffodils are classically yellow and/or white, but can be found in a large array of colors, a unique and beautiful addition to your garden.


This beautiful plant flowers in the spring and creates a bulbous, almost popsicle-shaped cluster of fragrant flowers. It can be found in a number of bright, spring colors such as pink, purple, blue and white.


There are several different types of Jasmine, each of them with their own looks and strengths. Madison Jasmine is a slightly more cold hardy variety  that produces masses of white fragrant flowers in late spring. Carolina Jasmine is a fast growing vine with yellow blooms, perfect for growing on fences and trellises. Asian and Confederate Jasmine are both evergreen vines, meaning they can thrive almost any time of year. However, Asian Jasmine naturally twines and forms a dense mat of small, dark green leaves, while Confederate Jasmine is known for its fragrant, star-shaped white flowers.


These thorny beauties produce white flowers in the spring, but provide color and interest throughout the whole year as the flowers fall and orange berries take their place.

Creating a unique and perfect garden for your home through landscape design and planting is always our goal. If you have questions on which plants are best for your outdoor space this spring, please contact us.

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